BKVIS-WHY-MEWhen you look at this website, it is easy to tell that I have an athletic background. Playing baseball and football combined with martial arts has made me active my entire life. Aside from one major shoulder surgery, I have been fortunate to stay healthy while always trying to learn more about my body. None of that, however, makes me a good trainer.

I did not receive a scholarship coming out of high school and I did not get drafted out of college. I was not All-State or an All-American. I played out my career with the dreaded “walk-on” and “undrafted free agent” labels that no one wants — the same labels that put a chip on my shoulder. As a competitor, I had to fight, scratch, and bleed for every opportunity. I needed to be self-motivated, prepared, and always ready.

I know what it’s like to push myself toward a goal that, at times, may seem unachievable. And I know what it’s like to stick with that goal through adversity. This is what makes me a good trainer.

On the field as a catcher, my job was to make my pitcher look good (figuratively). As a trainer, my job is to make my clients look good (literally). In both cases my role is to be a complimentary piece. I realize that everyone is motivated differently and what works for one client may not work for another. It’s my job to find the right recipe for the right person on the right day.

The only way I know how to work is to go all in. All of my ability. All of my commitment. All of my resources. I pride myself on the diversity of my clientele and knowing that I can help an Olympian as easily as I can help a grandma. I believe in training that is specific to the client and putting people in a position to succeed. We work smarter instead of harder — welcome to BKSTRENGTH!

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