BKVIS-MARTIAL-CHICAGO-MADE-TRAININGThe simple definition of character is how someone acts when no one is watching. I have known Brian for eight years. I can tell you first hand — he is a man of great character. Brian is an intelligent, considerate, caring, and a funny human-being. Brian is a CNP — a Certified Nice Person.

I met Brian at Crunch gym in November of ’06. Brian always seemed very mature minus all the fart jokes. He was organized, successful, knowledgeable and a responsible person. He was getting ready for marriage while I was taking girls to Chilis’. Let’s just say that was a one date deal. I figured if I was going to learn from anyone, I should probably learn from Brian.

Brian always had time to answer my questions. Whether it was questions about training, the birds and the bees, or on life — he took the time to answer. We used to have meetings called development for the newer trainers. In one of the meetings, our boss asked who had helped you become a better trainer. Most of the kiss-ass trainers said my boss. I said Brian. I even got a little choked up (don’t tell anyone!). I said Brian always has time to help me. He is the one of the busiest trainers Crunch has, not just in our gym, but of all the Crunch gyms in the US. I figured I should learn from him first hand. I started training with Brian.

The goal of the coach — is to eliminate the coach. Brian did just that. He gives you the tools you need to succeed outside of your training session. I always learned at least one piece of knowledge when training with Brian. In training, it’s not how smart I am, it’s what I can pass along to you. If I can’t pass along my knowledge to you, it’s wasted knowledge. Brian did just that. Brian would give me a great workout while also teaching me about strength training. Training programs should have a purpose. Programs should be safe and make sense. Brian’s programs do just that. If you ever have a chance to train with Brian, do it. Brian will be your favorite hour of the day. Guaranteed.

I owe a lot to Brian. I can’t thank him enough for his time and friendship. Brian took me under his wing — for that I am very grateful. To this day, I still ask for his advice. I don’t know if Brian ever considered me like a little brother — but I consider him a big brother.

Thanks BK.

Reposted with permission from Chicago Made Training.

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