Improve Overall Conditioning
Strengthen Abductors and Improve Jumping Form
Mental Toughness
A Better, More Athletic Body

People say every team, whether it be an athletic, business, or personal team, has an “X-factor.” Well, Brian Kent is my X-factor. Not only did
he physically take me from a bowlegged teenager to a college level volleyball player, but he helped me become mentally tough — something most people cannot teach. Positivity is contagious, especially when you’re working with Brian. Sprints? They suck. But they’re fun when he races me. He adheres to every client’s needs with the same positive attitude he brings to everything he does.

Brian is an incredibly dynamic trainer. He trains my mom (never played a sport in her life), dad (an ex-football player), brother (a high school baseball player), and, on occasion, my college level rugby playing boyfriend. We all reach physical and mental goals under Brian’s personalized and functional coaching.

This X-factor is hard to understand until you’ve trained with Brian. His workouts are brilliant and fun. He’s challenging but supportive. Meet him and within minutes you’ll feel uplifted by his mental attitude and specific attention to your needs. Give him an hour and you’ll feel tired, sore, well-worked, but most importantly, you will still retain that good mental feeling. Confident. Strong. Ready for whatever comes your way, whether inside or outside the gym. I would not be the athlete I am today without his help.

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